Campaign Questions and Answers:
1. PRIORITIES: What are your top three state legislative priorities and how would you address them?
Answer: I would evaluate and execute plans to achieve the following issues:
* Affordable Free Market Auto Insurance with Optional Riders for Long Term Medical Issues and Health Care to Include Pre Existing Conditions, Open Across State Borders while maintaining Medicare and Medicaid to provide for Seniors, Veterans and the less fortunate.
* Lower Taxes and/or No Personal Income Tax, No Property Tax after age 62 years old, Less Government Regulations and Interference.
* Energy, focusing on Green, Clean and Renewable Power Sources. 
* Infrastructure, Bridges and the Immediate need for Quality Road Repair.
* Jobs, Education, Safety ensuring a Healthy and Safe Environment for Michiganders to Live, Learn, Work and Play. 
* Agricultural, No GMO's, promoting Organic Pesticides and Environmental Protections for our Beautiful Great Lakes, Wild Life, No Chemtrails and Pipeline Evaluations.  
* Economic Development and Prosperity!
To be accomplished through negotiations, delegation, reorganization, wasteful spending and budget cuts, selling off unused State owned property and assets along with employment programs and incentives to create additional tax revenues.
2. EDUCATION: What measures do you support/propose to achieve improved educational outcomes and accessibility for Michigan students from early childhood through post-secondary education?
Answer: Education should include preschool classes with our full time workforce going to 9 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Thursday, coordinating school hours with work schedules and no homework to give children more time with their parents and lessing the need for daycare. Schools must teach at grade level or be accessed and given additional assistance. Schools to teach life skills on relationships, communication, finances, nutrition, gardening, cooking, organizing, etc., promote school of choice, provide visual, vocational, apprentice, entrepreneurial training with incentives to earn Community and Traditional College Scholarships.
3. ECONOMY: What policies do you support to increase jobs and help Michigan residents improve their economic positions?
Answer: It is vital that we continue to create and expand conditions for business growth and incentives to compete for the best job opportunities within a diverse portfolio of options covering a wide array of desired and skilled positions. Michigan has a wonderful resource of amenities and tourism interest to provide unlimited potential for a better and brighter future! We also need to inspire the best housing and commercial developments to attract the most talented people from all over the world! I will lead the way through knowledge, skill, experience, purpose and passion to make Michigan a contender on the world stage!
4. ELECTIONS: What state policies do you support regarding campaign funding and voting rights?
Answer: We need to make sure Voter I.D. is required. Inspections of the voting machines prior to elections should be administered to make sure they are working correctly and have not been tampered with. There needs to be a print out copy given to each voter to verify their vote and that it was recorded properly, allow for early voting, clean up deceased and disqualified people from the voting roles, limits on individual giving should be higher and PAC funding allowed, require States with three or more voting rights violations in 15 years to go through a preclearance program, provide Voter Education and allow time off to Vote!
5. ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY: What actions or policies do you support to protect Michigan’s water, air and land for current and future generations, while meeting the state’s energy needs? Explain how those actions or policies would affect the future of Enbridge Pipeline 5.
Answer: There needs to be more activity, platforms and incentives for organizations and entrepreneurs to progress more rapidly in generating more natural, reusable green energy solutions and options such as ethanol and biofuels. Also we must protect our natural resources and provide clean food, air, land and waterways at all costs, restricting and montering use to ensure there is no damage or major losses to the people who live, work and play in our great State. Issues with the Enbridge Pipeline 5, water taken from our Great Lakes, use of Chemtrails, Pesticides and Lead Pipe replacement are issues of immediate concern.
6. JUSTICE: What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?
Answer: Develop programs, procedures and solutions to address the issues and get everyone working on the same page towards a better tomorrow for all citizens! Learning from the many great leaders before us like Plato, Aristotle, Jesus Christ, JFK, Reagan, Martin Luther King, etc., by providing required courses in schools and adult education. This is an age old issue which has affected all races at one time or another. The best way to create a more perfect world for everyone is to return to traditional values by loving our neighbors, practicing gratitude, thankfulness, mutual respect, kindness, compassion and understanding!

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